The most stunning locations for discovering the Jura mountains

The Ain region, between plain and mountains

The Ain is a region of contrasts. To one side lie the great plains of Bresse and to the other are the Jura whose peaks reach 1720 metres at the Crêt de la Neige, overlooking Geneva and the Gex. Along with the Grand Colombier massif (1531 metres), they form two magnificent balconies facing out over the Alps. With numerous vantage points offering superlative views, the mountains of the Jura and the Ain are a protected area. Hundreds of kilometres of hiking trails take you through stunning scenery where you may spot eagles, lynx and countless rare flowers.  



Campsites in the heart of the Ain mountains                                                   

Amongst these pristine mountain landscapes lie campsites that offer a spectacular natural environment on a daily basis. Whether 2,3 or 4 star, they have excellent facilities such as heated swimming pools and provide all the local information you need to explore by bike or on foot. Some even have their own bike hire.            

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