Eat well and drink well while on holiday in the Ain

Gourmet holidays in the Ain                                                                               

The Ain is blessed with a rich culinary heritage and a huge variety of local produce. Unique cheeses like the Comté or Bleu de Gex, fine poultry from Bresse (famously the only poultry to merit its own protection of origin - AOP), or the wines of Bugey, all are on the menu. The menus are extensive and so are the opportunities to dine well: with a range of restaurants from humble brasserie to fine dining, there is something for everyone. Top of the list for gourmets is Vonnas where the chef Georges Blanc has his 3 star Michelin restaurant.


Tasting the specialities of the Ain                                                                   

When holidaying in the Ain, it is hard not to find opportunity to sample the regional produce. Of note are the wines of Bugey, known for its sparkling wines. Some campsites organise wine tastings, others feature à la carte restaurants serving local delicacies. And all can recommend local restaurants depending on your tastes and budget, whether it's speciality frogs' legs in a smart lakeside restaurant or a simple rustic meal in the heart of the Dombes.

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